Magnificent Symbol of Royalty and Blend of Architectural Cultures

Rajasthan is the place of architectural history of distinctive landmarks depicting the elegance and grandeur. The architectural blended Jaipur has some popular and unique architectural design forts and monuments. If you have cravings for sheer artistic beauty, then visiting the magnificent Hawa Mahal can leave you speechless.

Architectural History

Jaipur’s extraordinarily constructed and delicately honeycombed design five storeys of a beautiful structure, Hawa Mahal or Palace of Wind has many adjectives to describe it. The Maharaja of Kachhwaha Rajput Dynasty, Maharaja Sawai Pratap, built the Hawa Mahal in 1799. This prominent landmark was built mainly for the felicitation of the royal women from where they can witness the busy life of the city and enjoy the festivals but remain out of public sight.

The beautifully crafted landmark has 953 windows or called “jharokhas” along with screened balconies. The Maharaja was very impressed by the Khetri Mahal in Jhunjhunu that he embarked the construction that was an extension to the Royal City Palace and leads straight to women chambers or zenana. The architect of the of the pyramidal palace, Lal Chand Ustad, has aptly tagged the structure with Islamic style of Mughal architecture blended with Rajasthan’s culturally rich Rajput architecture.

Small lattice windows and carved jharokhas naturally creates the air conditioning effect inside the structure during hot summer days. The red and pink sandstones are used intricately in designing the admiring beauty of Hawa Mahal.

Interesting Facts about Palace of Wind

The prominent tourist attractions of the Pink city are famous for its cultural beauty and architectural history.

  • The palace is more of the gallery used by royal women to enjoy the processions of the city in those times of purdah system.
  • Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh was the Krishna devotee so believed that Hawa Mahal was shaped like Lord Krishna’s crown.
  • You can step inside the beautiful monument from the rear end and not from the front, through an imposing door. You will first step inside the courtyard. On the three sides, you will find two-storeys of the building.
  • The Floors where Maharaja prayed for Lord Krishna is known as Vichitra mandir.
  • The Hawa Mahal lights up when early morning sunlight falls on the structure.
  • The interesting architectural fact about Hawa Mahal is that there is no foundation. The tallest building stands at the leaning angle of eighty-seven degrees.
  • Inside the Palace of wind, you will find no stairs to reach the floors. There are only ramps.

Visiting Tips for Tourists

The beautiful Hawa Mahal attracts a large number of tourists across the country and the world.

  • It is located on the Hawa Mahal Road, Badi Choupad, so the best time to enjoy the elegant golden rays of sun falling on the gorgeous palace is by visiting early in the day as later street gets crowded.
  • Visiting time is 9.30 to 4.30 pm on all days. There is an entry fee.
  • The small miniature museum which opens from Saturday to Thursday has saved some royal ancient artifacts of the Rajput’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Claustrophobes should be aware as there are some narrow corridors and gets crowded inside the Mahal.

Things to Do

While you do Jaipur sightseeing tour,you can indulge in street shopping at various stalls and shops that has exuberant collection of handicrafts, clothes, jewelry etc. You can enjoy some heartfelt food delicacies at some renowned restaurants nearby Hawa Mahal like Rajwada Restaurants, Art Café, Karnot Mahal etc.

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