Amber Fort, Jaipur  

Amber Fort, the magnificent fort that is located in Amer. The ‘Amber’ name was derived from the name of Goddess Amba. Amer is a town of area the around 4 square kilometres, which is 11 kilometre away from Jaipur city. Because of the city Amer, this fort is also known as “Amer Fort”. It is built over the hills and a key attraction of the tourists for their Jaipur tour.

The Establishment of the Fort - History

The construction of Amber Fort was started by Raja Man Singh I in the year 1592. The fort was built under his observation in the 16th century and was completed by Sawai Jai Singh in the 18th century, the founder and the ruler of Jaipur city. Under his resign, the fort was designed and personalized as well.

The Splendid Architecture

The Amber Fort is a great specimen for Hindu architecture. The Jaigarh fort, which is also a well know fort of Jaipur, and Amber fort are connected with a secret tunnel of 2 kilometres. Therefore, they know as a complex. The tourists also take this path to visit from one fort to another.

As about Jaipur, ‘Amber fort’ itself is a pile of interesting facts and delightful views.  

  • The entrance gate, Ganesh Gate, is full of fascinating artefacts. You can see the Jaipur art culture on the wall all around. The walls are made of marbles and red marbles.
  • Maote Lake is another key attraction of the fort. When the great Amber fort makes its shadow in the water of that lake, it seems to be like a fairy palace of dreams.
  • Deewan-e-aam, the hall of public audience, is a big hall that stands on two rows of the ornamented pillars. This is open for the three sides.
  • The magical marble flower is a citation of the creative art of our culture. A single flower has 7 different views. You can see different sides and arts by hiding the flower parts with your fingers and palm.
  • Sukh Mandir, which is also known as ‘Sukh Niwas’. This hall is made of sandalwood and ivory.
  • Sheesh Mahal, the palace of glass. There are glasses all around and the glass paintings on that. The purpose behind this glassy palace is to give the queens for the feeling to sleep under the stars, as they are not allowed to sleep out of the palace.
  • The beautiful garden is located in front of the fort. The beautiful flowers become the eye catchy entities for the tourists.

Few must do activities for your Amber Fort tour

  • The Light Show attracts the tourists in the fort every evening. The light show theme is based on the history of the Jaipur and the Amber Fort. It portrays the colours of Jaipur and its culture. It runs for 50 minutes in both the languages, Hindi and English. It starts every evening, English at 7:30 PM while Hindi at 8:30 PM.
  • If you are visiting Amber Fort, don’t forget to take a ride on an elephant and feel like a king. This elephant ride will be easily available to you at the entrance gate of the fort.
  • Jaipur is the place of eye catchy sceneries; you must enjoy the pleasure by sightseeing in Jaipur by car. This will help you to grab a bunch of memories.
  • You can get a bunch of interesting and Handicraft works to your home.

Other details you must know

Visit time: 10 AM to 6 PM (Daily)

Visit Duration: 2-3 hours

Fee: Rs. 25/- per head (For Indians) and Rs. 200/- per head (For foreigners)

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